Double Locking Coupling:


  • Two way shut - off
  • Both socket and plug are sealed at disconnect.


  • Standard industrial interchange design, to fit most widely used in industry.
  • Within each series, only sockets and plugs of the same size will couple together.
  • Conforms with ISO, 7241-1, Series B.
  • Such as, Stucchi IRB, IRBO, IRBX series Couplers, Parker 60 series Couplers, Aeroquip FD45 series Couplers, faster HNV series Couplers, Hansen HK series Couplers, Perfecting H series Couplers, Safeway S 10 series Couplers, Snap-Tite 72 series Couplers, Tomoco H series Couplers.


  • Manual - socket sleeve must be manually retracted to connect and disconnect.
  • Large sleeve nut and smaller sleeve nuts must be manually loosened from threaded area of coupling, to disconnect.

Safety Locking Design:

  • Locks against accidental disconnection.
  • One large sleeve nut manually hand tightened toward socket sleeve plus two smaller locking sleeve nut threaded behind large sleeve nut to manually safe lock coupling.

Seal Compound:

  • Standard seal are BUNA-N

Dimensional Data:

  • 1/4" quick disconnect socket coupler

Working Pressure:

  • Stainless steel 3700 psig
  • Brass 2700 psig
  • 4 to 1 Safety factor
  • Weight: 5.5 oz

Claim of Product:

Our claim, describe the technology and identify each of the claims which those features that distinguish it from pre-existing technology.

  1. Locking sleeve design, with the inner sleeve that slots over the coupling body.
  2. Double lock nut design.
  3. In addition, the fact that there is a thread that is part of the coupling body is also unique.


  • This series brings to the industry a proven design for use on breathing air equipment, construction equipment, forestry equipment, agricultural machinery, oil tools, steel mail machinery, demanding hydraulic applications, in Brass and Stainless, spark resistant to use with gases etc.


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